No Agenda 2016 Episode 79

Topics include:

  • Sheila Jackson Lee thinks Wikipedia is a Russian front
  • Don Lemon tightens up polls to boost advertising sales
  • Obamacare in the news just in time for the election
  • MSM equates Trump with White Nationalism
  • The terms ‘Surrogate’ vs ‘Operative’
  • Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich get into it on Fox
  • Clinton calls on women to ‘finish off’ Trump
  • Evan McMullin admits to running as a spoiler
  • Professor Helmut Norpoth predicts Trump win
  • Michael Moore says Trump will win
  • Porn star accuses Trump of assault
  • JCD hangs out with porn stars
  • Sally Kohn loses it over voter fraud
  • Kellyanne Conway and Wolf Blitzer on Trump vs Journalists
  • Trump supporters won’t admit it
  • Podesta/Saudi connection
  • Al Gore to be appointed UN Ambassador if Clinton elected?
  • Clapper says Russia will shoot down American aircraft