No Agenda 2016 Episode 78

Topics include:

  • Proof That Chris Stevens Killed Because of Hillary’s Emails?
  • Clinton Supporter Questions the Validity of the Clinton Emails Released by WikiLeaks
  • Hillary and Trump Speak at Al Smith Dinner
  • Maria Bartiromo Interviews Zeke Emanuel on Obamacare
  • Taking a Closer Look at George Soros
  • Jill Stein Tweets Story About Gas Pipeline Conflict
  • Podesta Email About the Kurdish Pipeline
  • First Debate the Turning Point in the 2016 Presidential Race?
  • Hillary: Four Minute Nuclear Response Time
  • Carl Bernstein: Trump is a Neo-Fascist
  • Trump Planning on Building a Media Empire if He Loses Election?
  • ABC: Al Gore’s Gracious Speech After He Lost the Presidential Election
  • Joe Biden Wants to Take Trump Behind the Gym
  • Mormon Church Does Not Endorse Political Candidates